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Prosthetic Services

We offer full prosthetic care for amputees. This may include pre-amputation counseling and evaluation, as well as immediate post-surgical prosthetic fittings (IPOP). We provide on site evaluation, design and fit patients of all shapes, sizes and ages and a wide variety of amputation levels. We manage the entire spectrum of patients care, thereby maximizing their prosthetic experience. We work closely with the patient’s physicians, therapists, insurance company, case manager, psychologist and social worker to ensure an optimal outcome.

We also provide care in skilled nursing, acute rehab facilities, hospitals, and if necessary, patient’s home.

At Human Technology we believe in quality and timely delivery of device. We have partnered with some of the newest and most technologically advanced facilities and leading manufacturers in US and abroad to bring the state-of-the-art quality and faster services. And to be able to provide patients with an array of solutions to ensure the most comfortable fit and function available so each can move freely and Live Active.

Lower and Upper Extrimity Prosthetics