We are the premier provider for above knee prosthetics in Tennessee.

Innovative Technology with Ossur Prosthetic Knees

Design Focused Sockets

The growing innovative technology of prosthetic knees and feet have made an impact for amputees, but the most important part of a prosthesis is the Socket. The socket is the interface between their limb and the prosthesis. For lower limb amputees, the socket allows the transfer of body weight through the prosthesis to the ground. This needs to be comfortable, responsive, and consistent.

At Human Tech we use a variety of socket designs and suspension methods. We believe in both ischial containment and subischial socket designs depending on anatomy, strength, and activities of the individual. We routinely utilize suction, elevated vacuum, or locking suspension methods in the socket design.

The only way to confirm the appropriate design and daily consistency of the prosthesis is by diagnostic fittings and component trials. When appropriate we will fabricate multiple diagnostic socket and setup trail fittings for microprocessor knees and feet.

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This is Our Specialty

We are the premier provider for above knee prosthetics in Tennessee. We fit both Ossur and Ottobock microprocessor controlled knees. We fit a large variety of mechanical knees for sport prostheses, activity specific, and everyday activities. The socket design, function and fit are factors in patient success. We focus on socket design, diagnostic fittings/trials and we do all fabrication for prostheses in our facility.

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Our Solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • MPK knees: Ossur Rheo knee and RKXC, Ottobock C-Leg 4, Genium, and X3.
  • Mechanical knees : Total Knee 2000 , cheetah knee, Mauch knee, 3R80, 3S80
  • Feet: Proprio foot, Pro-Flex pivot, Pro-Flex XC torsion, Elation, Kinterra foot, Rush , Flex – Foot.


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