Northbound is one of the best addiction rehab centers in California, with experienced clinical staff, several positive reviews, and a high success rate. We help those battling addictions find effective coping techniques and survival skills to manage triggers and stressful situations and lead a sober, healthy, and fulfilling life after rehab treatment.

How Can I Prevent A Relapse After Treatment?

Relapse after several months of sobriety is a common occurrence. Over half of all recovering addicts experience a small moment of weakness, causing them to pick up drugs or alcohol again. However, learning about the red flags can help you avoid relapse and maintain sobriety in the long term. Here are a few tips for lasting success with sobriety:

  • Make sobriety your priority. Attend support group meetings regularly, as peer support can motivate you to stay strong in your recovery journey.
  • Eat a healthy and well-balanced meal and engage in physical exercise regularly. It can improve your physical and mental fitness and keep distractions at bay.
  • Stay close to your loved ones and family to prevent feeling lonely, bored, or hopeless. Pick a hobby like dance, music, or art to keep your mind engaged and to find a creative outlet to vent your feelings and emotions.

More importantly, sign up for ongoing care programs at a leading mental health and substance use facility near you. Continuing care programs can prevent long term relapse and provide professional guidance and support to keep your focus on your sobriety journey.

What Is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient dual diagnosis addiction treatment is less restrictive than inpatient treatment and requires you to attend rehab for less than 2 hours a day. Outpatient recovery programs are for 10 to 12 hours a week and include drug abuse education, individual therapy, and group counseling. These sessions also teach critical skills to recovering users to help them cope without drugs or alcohol.

Outpatient drug rehab is an excellent standalone treatment option for those with mild addiction disorder. Outpatient co-occurring disorder treatment can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Individuals with mild-to-moderate addiction withdrawal symptoms may find outpatient therapy an excellent alternative to residential treatment programs. Outpatient therapy is safe, effective, and takes much less time to complete than inpatient programs.

Top Reasons To Choose Us For Substance Use And Co-Occurring Mental Disorders

Renowned among the best co-occurring addiction treatment centers, we offer superior care and support to those diagnosed with dual diagnosis. Some of the reasons for our increased popularity include:

  • We offer a continuum of care from medical detox and inpatient treatment to outpatient therapy and ongoing care programs.
  • Our clinicians possess several years of experience, allowing them to offer unsurpassed care and support as you work toward sobriety and improved mental wellness.
  • We address your behavioral disorder's triggers, preventing relapse and keeping the mental illness from resurfacing in the future.

Contact 866-311-0003 to verify your insurance with one of the top-rated addiction rehab centers in California. We offer the best inpatient, IOP, outpatient, and intervention services at affordable prices and accept most insurance plans. Join Northbound for a transformational healing experience.

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