Addiction Treatment Center Massachusetts

When you commit to getting help for an addiction, you’ll have a difficult decision to make. Choosing the right addiction treatment center in Massachusetts will make all the difference in your recovery journey. If you have questions about rehab, are looking for a good program, or need guidance through the initial steps of treatment, Baystate Recovery Center is here for you 24 hours a day. Call our helpline to get connected with recovery counselors and therapists who are in your corner and want to help make choosing rehab stress-free when you’re ready to make changes in your life.

Top Tips For Choosing A Recovery Center

1. Look for a treatment center that offers therapy and treatment that coincides with your schedule. If you work, go to school, or have responsibilities at home, outpatient recovery services at Baystate Recovery Center can meet your needs without interrupting your life. We offer several levels of care, including Outpatient Treatment, IOP, and Day Treatment.

2. Find out if your insurance benefits will pay for recovery services. Typically, insurance will pay for a longer time in treatment if you choose outpatient rehab. Feel free to request an insurance benefits check when you call BRC- ask to speak with an intake specialist who can help you make the most of your coverage.

3. Consider Dual Diagnosis treatment if you’re dealing with a mental health issue or suspect undiagnosed mental illness. Treatment for co-occurring disorders can help you break the cycle of addiction and repeated relapses. For information about Dual Diagnosis treatment at BRC, call our helpline any time- day or night.

4. Take a moment to speak with someone over the phone before settling on an addiction treatment center in Massachusetts. Make sure the staff is kind and compassionate regarding your situation and is able to answer all of your questions before you hang up. By investing a few moments of time on the phone, you can avoid getting treatment from a rehab that views you more as a number than a real person.

5. Choose a program that is tailored to your specific addiction rather than a one-size-fits-all treatment. At Baystate Recovery Center, we offer alcohol-specific and drug-specific addiction treatment that is proven effective and safe for long-term recovery. You’ll find resources and additional information online at BRC, including blog posts, insurance information, a list of available programs, and details about addictions we treat.

Get In Touch Today

Call BRC when you need help from an addiction treatment center in Massachusetts that can provide rehab services through outpatient care. There’s no need to commit to long-term programs, stay overnight in rehab, or disrupt your home life when you choose Baystate Recovery Center for addiction treatment. All addiction is treatable with a positive mindset and a program that’s customized to your needs and goals. You can begin the healing process right now by calling a counselor who can help guide you to a program that is right for you. It’s time to make a change for the better at Baystate Recovery Center.

Addiction Treatment Center Massachusetts

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Addiction Treatment Center Massachusetts

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