Artificial prosthesis Memphis

Human Technology provides world-class services and products for artificial limbs. We have artificial prosthesis in Memphis to help you stay persistent and goal-oriented even in the face of failures. We want you to succeed and achieve every goal you set out for yourself without having to stay back because of your limb injuries. You can trust us so we can help you become a better version of yourself.

What is an artificial leg called?

There are two types of artificial legs in the industry of prostheses – trans-femoral and transtibial prosthesis. The trans-femoral prosthetic leg is called ‘AK’ or above the knee prosthetic, and the transtibial prosthetic leg is for below the knee. These artificial limbs are a way to replace the natural legs and help you get back the control of your body.

We offer a range of above and below knee prosthetics for sports activities or everyday activities. Our main focus is on the Socket design, which connects the artificial limb to your body. We do all the productions for the socket design and diagnostics at our own facility.

Maintaining your artificial prosthetic limbs

You have to be careful when maintaining a prosthetic limb because small damage to the artificial limb can cause you a lot of problems. Most artificial prosthesis limbs don’t do well with water; if you get water in your device, then you will have to endure undue pain. You should also avoid any chemicals that might harm the material of the prosthetics.

One thing goes for every artificial prosthetic, i.e. clean them daily. You can wash your prosthetics with mild soap and always dry them thoroughly. Our artificial prosthesis in Memphis is a place where we also teach you how to take good care of your artificial limbs.  

Benefits of artificial prosthesis

Your prosthesis will help you improve your mobility and move around with ease. You won’t have to spend much energy while using a prosthetic because when you use fitting crutches, you spend a lot of physical strength, but prosthetics can save you from that.

If you are in sync with your new artificial limbs, then you will feel relaxed psychologically as well. Your everyday activities will be less challenging, and you will reach a point where you might even forget that your limb is artificial. We will work with you and help you choose the most fitting prosthetic limb for you so that you can restart your life.

Artificial prosthetic providers

We want you to become a functioning and productive person in life; that’s why we will help you reach your full potential. You can achieve the best comfort and peace of mind with our prosthesis. We provide advanced prosthesis technology to help you fulfill your life goals.

Human Technology offers you a top-notch, personalized artificial prosthesis in Memphis. We provide personalized care for you, and our staff is always working hard to help you get the best and most fitting limb. You can achieve independence and gain the best experience with our artificial prosthetic limbs. 

Artificial prosthesis Memphis

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Artificial prosthesis Memphis

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