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Human Technology is a top-rated prosthetics and orthotics company. We sell the best quality below-knee prosthetic in Nashville at the lowest price. 

Is it hard to walk with a prosthetic leg?

The experience of walking with an above-knee prosthetic may differ from walking with a below-knee one. Either way, a custom-made artificial limb allows you to enjoy a full range of motion. With a prosthetic leg, you not only regain mobility, but you can also return to playing your favorite sports in spite of undergoing an above-knee or below-knee amputation.

When it comes to using our below-knee prosthetic in Nashville, you can enjoy better stability as our device makes it a lot easier to bear the weight of your upper body while you walk. Once you recover from an amputation surgery and have undergone several weeks of physiotherapy, you will be put on prosthetic training feet to help you get acquainted with balancing your body weight. You will learn to build strength, endurance, and get comfortable doing your daily activities with these training feet.

Once you are well-versed with using the training feet, your podiatrist will train you on how to use the prosthetic leg. In the initial weeks, you may make use of walkers or canes until you get comfortable walking with a prosthetic leg. Remember to be patient through the learning process and give yourself at least a year to get well-acquainted with a prosthetic leg.

Points to consider before buying a prosthetic leg

An artificial limb is a pain-free option for amputees who wish to lead an active and gratifying lifestyle. However, it is essential to consider certain aspects before you buy a prosthetic leg. Make sure to buy a device based on your level of activity and aspirations. The prosthetics that you use for mere walking and doing household chores are completely different from a bionic leg designed for indulging in sporting activities.

Also, make sure to choose an artificial limb based on the level of your amputation. For instance, if you are a below-the-knee amputee, you do not have to spend on a product that comes with joint movement. Besides, make sure to arrive at a final decision after a thorough examination of the cosmetic look, performance, and wearing schedule of each of the products.

Types of prosthetic legs

A prosthetic leg helps amputees enjoy the full range of motion and easy mobility. The four common types of prosthetic legs are:

  • Below the knee – Patients with an amputated lower limb get an artificial lower leg attached to their upper leg.
  • Above the knee – Patients get a prosthetic lower leg, a knee, and an upper leg
  • Below the elbow – Patients get an artificial forearm
  • Above the elbow – Patients get a lower and upper prosthetic arm along with an elbow.

Speak to one of us, at Human Technology, today to buy the highest grade below-knee prosthetic in Nashville. We custom-make the prosthetics after a thorough evaluation to provide you with a flawless prosthetic device.

Below knee prosthetic Nashville

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Below knee prosthetic Nashville

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