A great below knee prosthesis starts with a thorough evaluation.

Below Knee Prosthetics: Empowering Mobility with Customized Solutions

The Right Device


A great below knee prosthesis starts with a thorough evaluation. A person’s vocation, hobbies, medical history, strength, family, environment, and so much more is important information to determine what custom prosthesis we provide. We enjoy the process of defining what will be the most correct prosthetic device for an individual.

A prosthesis is limited by its ability to function well with a wide variety of activities. We strive to design a prosthesis to best support ADLs and additional activities such as, golf, hiking, bowling, skiing, swimming, gardening, running, and the list goes on.

All prosthetic and orthotic fabrication is done in-house at the Memphis location.

One of our favorite prostheses to make is the Cheetah Xplore that is posterior direct laminated to the socket.

OSUUR Cheetah Xplore
OSUUR Cheetah Xplore
Ossur Cheetah Xplore

Below Knee Prosthetics

We work with a diverse patient population from pediatric to geriatric and from everyday use to competitive athletes.

Manufacturers:  Ossur, Ottobock, College Park, Proteor

Models: Proflex Feet, Cheetah Feet, College Park

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