Borderline Treatment

Borderline personality disorder makes it nearly impossible to maintain a stable lifestyle without assistance. If you’re looking for the best borderline treatment, you’ll need not look any further than Omega Recovery. At Omega Recovery, clients receive elite BPD treatment from a well-established holistic borderline personality disorder program. Some adults proceed through their lives without knowing the symptoms related to BPD. It isn’t wise to seek psychiatric disorder treatment without seeking a professional medical diagnosis.

Top Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder in Adults

There are several traits and symptoms of BPD in adults, but people don’t necessarily experience all symptoms. People with BPD can experience varied symptoms, ranging from impulsive behaviors to unstable relationship patterns. You may be suffering from undiagnosed mental health issues that need immediate treatment. Would you please review the following symptoms and contact Omega Recovery if you, a loved one, or an employee need help with BPD treatment?

  1. Abandonment Fears – It isn’t unheard of for adults with a borderline personality disorder to face abandonment issues. Fear of abandonment can manifest as separation anxiety, but people may also go to extraordinary, even beyond reasonable, means to sustain toxic relationships. Men and women may fear abandonment, even in stable, loving relationships. Facing rejection is exceptionally challenging for adults with borderline personality symptoms.
  2. Impulsive Behaviors – Impulsive and risky behaviors often plague those diagnosed with BPD. Impulsive patterns can manifest as unsafe sexual encounters, drug or alcohol abuse, or other forms of self-sabotage. Adults with BPD are more likely to engage in unsafe behaviors despite having loving and stable relationships in their lives. Uncontrolled gambling, overzealous spending habits, and reckless driving are other examples of impulsive actions.
  3. Paranoia – Borderline personality disorder causes people to feel overly paranoid, especially in stressful situations. High-stress environments may trigger paranoid episodes, lasting momentarily or hours. During paranoid periods, people may also lose touch with reality, often appearing stoic and statuesque. Paranoia may worsen in those abusing drugs or alcohol.
  4. Rapid Identity Shifts – People diagnosed with BPD often have a poor self-image and struggle with self-esteem. Borderline personality disorder can trigger people to shift their goals or life decision suddenly. The speedy identity switches make it difficult for others to build substantial relationships with borderline personality diagnoses.
  5. Intense Mood Swings – Borderline personality disorder treatment can address the intense mood swings that come along with BPD. The mood swings vary from person to person, but euphoric happiness and severe irritability are the most common symptoms. Overbearing shameful feelings, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts are also related to borderline personality disorder.
  6. Inappropriate Anger – Rage is another symptom associated with BPD. Bitterness and frequent temper tantrums may prevent people from enjoying fulfilling adult relationships. Physical altercations, verbal fights, and ongoing sarcasm can all be identifying signs of borderline personality disorder.
  7. Self-Injury – Borderline personality disorder can trigger people to self-harm, like cutting themselves. Self-destructive behavior isn’t unheard of for borderline personality patients. However, self-injury is one of the most severe forms of harmful behavior. Self-injury typically follows feelings of rejection but can be triggered by other elements.

Borderline Treatment

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