ELISA Testing Service

If you need the Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) tests, we can be of great help. We provide good ELISA assay testing services. ELISA tests are required to detect antibodies against antigens, viruses, and bacteria. ELISA is an assay that uses the enzyme system, and the test is very sensitive.
Doctors can use the ELISA test to diagnose diseases including Lyme, syphilis, toxoplasmosis, HIV/AIDS, Zika virus, rotavirus, chicken pox, and shingles. Usually, this test is simple and fast, and that is why doctors order this test first. After the ELISA test, the medical practitioner may order more detailed test, but this test is quite famous for diagnosis and research. Some doctors might also request this test to rule out some possible illnesses.
The ELISA tests, developed in the 1970s is now a replacement for the radioimmunoassay. The assay requires the drawing of blood from the patient who is undergoing the diagnosis. A lab technician will determine the diagnosis after analyzing the reaction of your blood against the potential antigen. This process also involves color changes, and scientists make a diagnosis upon the nature of the color change.

The Services We Offer

Novatein Biosciences offers a wide variety of ELISA testing services. You need to choose the kind of analyte and send the sample to us, and you can relax while we work on it. You would receive your results within two working days, but if you are in a rush, we can provide your results on the same day. That can only be possible if you submit the samples before 10:30 am.

We run tests on a wide variety of species including humans, mouse, dogs, rat, cat rabbit, pig, and bovine. Our customers are at liberty to send us a wide variety of samples including cell lysates, urine, tissue homogenates, cell culture supernatant, and serum or plasma.

You can send us the kit, and we would conduct the research. We also analyze chromogenic substrates, cells, tissues, plasma, and serum. We are capable of the following services; sample dilution factor determination, transfection or transduction of mammalian cells, homogenization of cell or tissue lysates, sandwich, indirect, competitive, and SoftMax Pro and GraphPad software.

We have modern equipment that guarantees accurate results. We have the multiple plate washers with stacker, multidrop, and multiple microplate readers for 96-well and 384-well plate. Other dispense automation is also available.

Confidentiality and Handling of your Results

We know your privacy is important to you and we appreciate it too. We treat your test results as highly confidential information. We would only submit the results to yourself or an authorized representative. We have experienced scientists who run the tests and produce results with the highest precision. We handle your samples with care at the Novatein Biosciences center.

You should do well to provide quality samples, and we would take it from there. Handle your samples with care since the quality of the samples can be compromised during the period in which you are transporting it to us. We take pride in delivering quality services hence we would verify all samples you submit to us before we proceed with the testing.

ELISA Testing Service

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ELISA Testing Service

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