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What is EMDR?

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, also called EMDR, is a type of treatment to support healing from symptoms caused by trauma or life-threatening events. EMDR therapy in Los Angeles is a form of psychotherapy that was developed in 1988. Since then, standard practices have provided the patient with replacement associations using stimulation with repeated eye movements. It is a non-traditional form of psychotherapy to treat PTSD and other trauma.

What Issues Can You Treat with EMDR?

EMDR therapy in Los Angeles is used to treat many issues. Some of these include PTSD, anxiety, or trauma associated with a specific event. For example, a person can experience anxiety when thinking about an event such as rape or assault, or a vehicle accident. Many soldiers experience PTSD after they return from combat. Some other conditions that you can treat with EMDR include eating disorders, panic attacks, and addictions. It can also treat complex trauma such as suffering abuse or neglect in your past.

How Does EMDR Work?

EMDR works by helping your brain reprocess the thoughts that you associate with previous traumatic situations. The therapist will have you follow lights, sound, or movement with your eyes as you recall the event that triggered your PTSD or trauma. Then, the therapist redirects and refocuses your thoughts to pleasant ones. Over time, you will replace your negative associations with positive ones.

What are the Benefits of EMDR Therapy in Los Angeles?

EMDR therapy offers several benefits over other types of treatments. EMDR therapy may help you overcome addiction or get through anxiety without the use of harmful medications. EMDR reprograms your thoughts, so you replace your negative thoughts and associations with positive ones. Therefore, the therapy might have more lasting results. EMDR therapy is non-invasive and easy to complete. EMDR therapy may help with the ability to form relationships.

How Long Does EMDR Take?

EMDR works to reprogram your brain, so everyone’s treatment is different. It may take multiple sessions to begin to make reprogramming changes to your thoughts. Over time, you might become less affected by the traumatic event. Each session may last up to an hour or more based on your specific needs. You and your therapist will work together to develop the best results from EMDR therapy in Los Angeles.

Can You Use EMDR with Other Therapies?

You can incorporate EMDR therapy with other therapies to create a program that works best for you. The best programs utilize an individualized plan that will work to meet your specific needs. Not all types of therapy work with everyone, so it is helpful to include various techniques. A holistic approach to addiction and other treatment often has the best and most lasting results. When you begin treatment, our addiction treatment specialist will meet with you to develop a treatment plan that will most likely succeed.

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