How to Maintain Your Leg Prosthetic

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Prosthetics are wonderful additions for people who have lost a limb, were born without a limb, or who had to have an amputation because of an illness. With so many new technologies available for prosthetic wearers, the world of prosthetics, and what will make you feel comfortable in your own skin once again, has advanced immensely. But, with so many new options available, one thing has remained the same: the need to constantly clean your prosthetic. Because your prosthetic is attached to your leg or arm for most of the day, it is exposed to a lot of bacteria, and can become quite dirty. It’s necessary to clean it daily, and to wash it well. Because of its close contact with your residual limb, any bacteria on your prosthetic can cause a serious infection if daily washes aren’t done. Follow these few ideas to care for your prosthetic, and you can avoid a painful infection and a consequent trip to the doctor.

Normal Conditions

Most prosthetics are not meant for use in water, and water can damage any prosthetic, as well as cause you undue pain. Any chemicals are also to be avoided as they can cause damage to the materials as well as your limb.

Clean Everything

Each prosthetic is different, but the same goes for each: clean them daily. We recommend very mild soap to avoid irritation on your part, and to prevent the device from wearing down. After a thorough clean, even those tough parts, be sure to dry everything off. Most of the time, prosthetics will have a little metal in them, and you will want to avoid rusting or discoloration at all costs. With your limb socks, treat them like regular socks: after every wear, a wash!

A Clean Fit

Lastly, be sure that your socket fits your leg or arm correctly. If this doesn’t fit well, you can severely harm your prosthetic and your limb! Have a prosthetist show you the perfect fit for your limb and your prosthetic to ensure the most comfort for you.

If you have a prosthetic in Memphis, TN, feel free to contact us with questions about how to care for your prosthetic, or contact us about a prosthetic fitting or evaluation and pre-amputation counseling. We are here to help with the transition, and believe in working to maintain the best outcome for our patients: to live and move freely with the most comfortable fit, and best function for you.

Before using a prosthetic, be sure to read this article about taking care of your new prosthetic! Contact Human Technology Prosthetics and Orthotics in Memphis TN for more information on caring for your prosthetic.

Caring for your prosthetic: 3 Tips!

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