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Millions of people suffer from allergies. Fortunately, most allergies can be treated once they are properly diagnosed. The first step is to determine what is causing your symptoms. The process begins with a visit to a Little Rock allergy clinic. Here you will be examined by an experienced doctor who specializes in allergy treatment.

There are a variety of symptoms that may indicate that you have an allergy. When you visit a Little Rock allergy clinic you will be asked some questions that will help narrow down the origin of your problem. It can be helpful to keep a diary of your symptoms so you can inform the doctor of when your allergies seem to worsen. This can help with the diagnosis process.

There are tests that can be done to determine the exact cause of your allergy. Generally, you may be given some skin tests. These are used to test for a variety of things at once. The test injects a very tiny amount of potential allergen under the skin and then you will monitor to see if there is a reaction. This is only done in cases of typical allergies.

Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment

Once your allergy is narrowed down it can be more successfully treated. Some of the most common treatments include allergy medications and allergy shots. Shots may be given on a weekly basis for a period of time to help reduce a very severe allergy. The patient may slowly have a less severe reaction over time.

When you know the origin of your allergy you can try to avoid coming into contact with it. For instance, if you find you are allergic to pet dander you can take steps such as staying away from pets, using special dander shampoo on pets and utilizing HEPA filters to clean the air, among other things. You can usually help reduce the incidence and severity of the allergy when you eliminate contact with the allergen as much as possible.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

The first appointment with a doctor at a Little Rock allergy clinic will include taking extensive medical history. This will help the doctor determine what causes your allergy. The doctor will ask questions about what triggers your allergy and how severe the symptoms are when you experience an attack. The answers to these questions will lead to testing procedures which may be done immediately or on a subsequent visit.

After testing, the doctor will recommend a course of treatment. Once you try a particular treatment you and the doctor will evaluate it to determine whether adjustments need to be made or whether another type of treatment may work better. Soon you will begin to control the symptoms of your allergy using medication and may be able to eliminate them completely.

When you suffer from allergies you need to seek medical care to assist the symptoms. Dr. Ruddell has the experience and expertise to help you resolve your allergies or asthma problems. Learn more about our allergy clinic online at

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