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Mental Health Rehab

Psychological issues are much harder to pinpoint and heal than physical afflictions. However, our mental health rehab treatment in Arizona excels in this field. We have helped thousands of people regain their mental stability. To us, at Soul Surgery, assisting people in overcoming addiction is what we do best.

What is mental health rehabilitation?

Simply put, a specialized treatment that helps you discover the triggers of your addiction. We also treat post-withdrawal symptoms such as mood disorders, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, etc. Our rehab center provides a warm and comfortable environment where you can regain your mental stability. We view your mental illness as part of the more significant problem of addiction, and we treat it accordingly.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is among the procedures that we use to treat our mentally ill patients. With it, we try to change a patient’s harmful behavioral patterns and thinking system. We try to replace the old patterns with new, positive, and functional ones. Treatment groups are part of the CBT, where both patient and counselor agree on weekly meetings, assessments, and required changes in the treatment.

The treatment for a mental health illness

We attempt to cure your mental disease thoroughly and efficiently. For this reason, we implement the following programs accordingly:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) which delivers more intensive therapeutic services for outpatient clients
  • Psychoeducational Groups
  • Med Spa

These programs are incredibly efficient and represent the core of our mental health rehab services. Craniosacral Therapy, for instance, is a close-up technique that alleviates various issues such as trauma, autism, scoliosis, stress and tension-related disorders, orthopedic problems, brain, and spinal cord injuries, etc. We take pride in the all-encompassing nature of our treatment procedures.

Mental health facilities

Concerning housing conditions, our patients can freely choose between Inpatient Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Residential Treatment, and Partial Hospitalization Program. We provide maximum comfort and quietude, soothing environments, and quality holistic therapy that heals the mind. Patients can personalize their treatment based on preferences, needs, and overall health condition.

Depending on the housing program, you can have access to a pool, massage treatment, a fully equipped gym with a basketball court, a tennis court, and even a private chef for the more expensive housing options. The regular psychotherapy sessions bring peace of mind, as well as prevent further relapses.

Can we cure mental disorders?

Our Mental Health & Behavioral Health Services offer the best mental health rehab programs in Arizona. We have successfully cured light, mild, and severe mental disorders with efficiency and utmost care. We deal with past traumatic events that lead to addiction, as well as post-withdrawal psychological issues.

Come to Soul Surgery and start doing rehab right now. The earlier you begin the therapy, the more efficient the treatment is. The work we do here strives to help people overcome addiction and mental illness. We have always stood firm by this principle.

Mental Health Rehab
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