Murphy’s Orthopedic and Foot Care part of Human Technology, Inc. Prothetics and Orthotics, Expands Services

The late Charlie Murphy was the founder of Murphy’s Orthopedics and Foot Care. Many years ago, he was a shoe cobbler specializing in repairing shoes with a larger vision for his future. One day, he noticed a man walking with a leg length discrepancy and knew immediately he could improve his gait with a lift in his shoe. This one man opened the door for Charlie’s dream. He furthered his education so he would eventually design, make and fit therapeutic foot orthotics and shoes for thousands of patients until he passed in October 2010.
Leila Tresler, Office Administrator

Leila Tresler

Leila Tresler, current Office Administrator, began working with Murphy’s in 2003. Charlie was her mentor.  He trained and taught Leila the skills of fabricating his proprietary foot orthotic made exclusively at the Murfreesboro office. For years, the Murfreesboro location bas been the leader for custom foot orthotics. The unique foot orthotic can be used for daily wear and/or sports. Many customers, medical professionals and patients have turned to Murphy’s Orthopedics through the years for shoe modifications,  in addition to orthotics. Leila’s knowledge and masterful skills keep doctors sending patients daily to Murphy’s for the best in foot care and comfort.

Through the years, Murphy’s added additional products to the store and mastectomy items were part of the mix along the way.

Merger of Two Great Services

In December 2014, Human Technology, Inc. Prosthetics and Orthotics purchased Murphy’s Orthopedics from Charlie’s wife. The merger has brought prosthetic limbs and custom braces for pediatric through geriatric patients to Middle Tennessee. Human Technology, Inc. uses cutting edge electronical components for the care and treatment of many medical conditions when possible. The practitioner staff includes Tennessee Licensed and American Board Certified Orthotists and Prosthetists seeing patients in the office, home or clinics when necessary for complimentary evaluations all over Middle and West Tennessee.


Latest Addition
Jeanette Johnson, Women’s Essential Division

Jeanette Johnson

Murphy’s Orthopedics recently welcomed back Jeanette Johnson into the industry. Jeanette owned Nu-Day Bra, a mastectomy and bra filling service, for 15 years. She opened the practice after surviving a bilateral mastectomy in 1986. She brings a lot of experience and knowledge to the team, Her caring heart and passion for breast care is a true asset for the women’s essential division at the Murfreesboro office. Jeanette has been in the same situation as the breast cancer ladies who visit the store. She shares her story and truly understands each woman’s feeling of loss dealing with such an intimate part of the female body.

Since Murphy’s is part of the Human Technology, Inc. Prosthetics and Orthotics Group, almost all insurance plans are accepted. Anyone can call for an appointment or medical professionals can refer patients for services.

Community Educational Opportunities

An educational department offers the following in the community:

  • Amputee Support Groups (forming in all areas)
  • Wellness Visit
  • Stroke Seminar
  • Presentation for your Facility, School, Church or Organization
  • Continuing Education Credits for Physical and Occupational Therapists
  • Health Fairs

If you are interested in any of the above, please email or call 731-645-1735.