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Non 12 Step Rehab Facilities Orange County

The House of the Rising Son is one of the leading non 12 step rehab facilities in Orange County, with world-class amenities, advanced treatments and therapies, and a dedicated clinical team. Here are several pointers to help you choose the best non-12-step rehab:

1. Focus on underlying mental health issues

A non-12-step recovery approach may not do much for your substance abuse disorder if the rehab doesn't attempt to identify and treat your underlying mental health problems. Make sure to join a facility that addresses dual diagnosis conditions for comprehensive recovery from addiction. Rehabs that fail to consider addiction's causes can put you at a high risk of relapse, leading to dangerous physical and mental health complications. We provide an integrative drug addiction program that uses both evidence-based practices and holistic therapies to identify and treat the underlying mental health issues alongside substance abuse. 

2. Ongoing care programs

You must join an alcohol and drug rehab with the best ongoing care programs for alumni patients. Relapse is common in patients within the first six to twelve months after residential treatment. Without accountability and proper structure, patients often find transitioning from rehab to the outside world highly stressful, triggering, and intimidating. Lack of a proper support system can cause you to relapse, worsening your mental health. As a pioneer non-traditional drug addiction treatment providerwe offer highly effective weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly aftercare sessions for our alumni patients to strengthen their commitment to sobriety.

3. Comprehensive and integrative addiction treatment

While each addiction circumstance is unique, most patients require an integrative treatment plan to overcome their chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health issues. We use a combination of medical detox, non-12-step support groups, counseling, and holistic therapies to help patients heal from their traumatic memories, co-occurring mental problems and embrace sobriety. By training patients on critical coping skills, we prepare them for lasting success with sobriety.

4. Customized treatments and therapies

Most rehabs follow a cookie-cutter approach to address dual diagnosis conditions. Unfortunately, this will not help you achieve your recovery goals and may lead to relapse within a couple of days after treatment. Look for facilities that offer customized treatment to address each patient's unique addiction circumstance. We create a tailored treatment plan for our clients and strive to help them embrace a more positive and balanced lifestyle over the years.

5. A serene ambiance and dedicated staff

Look for a rehab that offers a serene and relaxing atmosphere for healing and recovery. More importantly, look at experts' experience, education, and skill level before joining a treatment center. The clinicians and therapists play a pivotal role in your recovery process, making it all the more important to choose a rehab with the best staff team.

You do not have to battle addiction all by yourself. At The House of the Rising Son, we can help you conquer addiction and equip you with critical tools to lead a healthy, happy, and satisfying life. Call 888-238-1038 to join one of the best non 12 step rehab facilities in Orange County.

Non 12 Step Rehab Facilities Orange County
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Non 12 Step Rehab Facilities Orange County
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