Non 12 Step Rehab Facilities Orange County

One standard treatment method for substance abuse is the 12-step program. The technique is helpful because it offers a robust social support network for anyone suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol, with a predictable recovery format.

Despite its popularity, SAMHSA does not describe the 12-step program as the best treatment for synchronized support and care. Instead, they believe a non 12 step alcoholics anonymous offers individualized care that addresses the real issues causing addiction.

Why choose the non 12 step rehab facilities in Orange County?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals that the non 12 step drug and alcohol rehab is better because it has better scientific backing and evidence to show for the programs. Our programs adhere to the following principles to ensure superior service.

  • Drug and alcohol addiction are treatable conditions that affect the brain in systemic ways to influence negative behavior. However, we can easily challenge the patterns to ensure you have a better recovery.
  • Treatment is more effective when it meets the individual’s needs.
  • We tailor solutions to address multiple issues of addiction, including mental illness.
  • All non-12-step patients need ample time to recover from and take in therapy’s effects
  • Behavioral therapy is the most common treatment with the non-12-step approach.
  • Medications are vital for balancing the effects of substance abuse and bringing the body back to equilibrium.
  • We may change the treatment with time as we monitor treatment to avoid relapse and maintain stable results.

Signs you will love the non-12-step recovery program.

Our non 12 step holistic alcohol and drug rehab works with a combination of approaches to ensure success by focusing on ways to restore your self-esteem. We achieve this by getting you out of the victim mindset that is so prevalent with the 12-step program so you can take responsibility for your past actions and have the strength for a better future.

People who prefer the non-12-step program are consciously or subconsciously aware of the limiting effects of standard treatment. Alternative medicine has a dynamic approach that heals your mind, body, and spirit with progressive methods like dual pathology, biophysical therapy, and mental and emotional psychoanalysis.

  • Secular faith – The 12-step program is overtly spiritual and subtly closes out minority religions like Islam and Buddhism. You are a better fit for the non-12-step rehab if you do not identify with the mainstream religion.
  • More control – The non-12-step program emphasizes internal control and does not place the power of recovery on external factors.
  • Evolving approaches – The non-12-step program ensures each patient is abreast with the latest treatment programs. We do not freeze any development in time and continuously evaluate each treatment program to include it in our most contemporary techniques.
  • Dislike labels – 12-step group formats portray little concern for the addiction and more for the need to complete the steps. The non-12-step program’s idea is to focus on the present and future without an attachment to a strict recovery program.

Are you frustrated with the results of standard 12-step programs? Consider our plan to achieve the needed success with proven methods. Our Non-12-step alcohol and drug rehab is reachable via (866) 507-1048 for more consultation and 24/7 admission.


Non 12 Step Rehab Facilities Orange County

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Non 12 Step Rehab Facilities Orange County

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