Pain Management In Little Rock Arkansas

At Clear Stone Medical Center, we use regenerative medicine and other non-invasive treatments for pain management in little rock, Arkansas. Our treatments help you overcome pain without resorting to surgery or other invasive treatments.

Top reasons to choose us for pain management

We are an integrative medical clinic for pain management, following a customized treatment approach to help you achieve comprehensive recovery from your pain condition. Our team of practitioners will collectively treat you to identify and address the root cause of your pain.

We use a non-invasive, drug-free, and advanced treatment approach to treat a variety of pain-related ailments. Our conservative treatment plan can help you lead an active lifestyle without undergoing complex surgeries and without developing a reliance on prescription drugs.

Benefits of regenerative medicine

We use regenerative medicine for the promising results that it offers when used in treating a large range of diseases and pain conditions. Regenerative medicine offers benefits like:

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy repairs the damaged or impaired tissues and strengthens the tendons in the joints. It is highly effective in treating chronic pain in areas like the hip, knee, ankle, wrist, elbow, and shoulder.
  • It helps address the cause of pain instead of alleviating the symptoms. Regenerative therapies like PRP and stem cell helps address the underlying issue of addiction by delivering growth factors to the pain site, promoting tissue healing and repair.
  • Regenerative medicine increases the production of collagen, which helps strengthen the tendons and tissues. This increases the range of motion in joints, improves mobility, and promotes a more active lifestyle.

Our staff possesses several years of experience in performing regenerative medicine procedures. We help individuals suffering from knee pain, neck pain, back pain, arthritis pain, etc., heal and recover from their pain conditions through our highly-rewarding non-invasive regenerative therapies.

Treatment for neck pain

Neck pain is a common issue and can occur due to the straining of the neck muscles, osteoarthritis, or due to a severe underlying problem. Here are some treatments available for treating moderate to severe neck pain:

  • Medications – Stronger pain medicines in the form of over-the-counter drugs, muscle relaxants, and tricyclic antidepressants can offer temporary relief from pain.
  • Steroid injections – Injecting Corticosteroid medications near the nerve roots at the small facet joints in the cervical spine or the neck muscles can help you overcome pain. Besides, your doctor may also suggest injecting numbing medications like lidocaine to relieve your pain.
  • Surgery – Although surgery is a rare treatment option for neck pain, it can help relieve nerve root or spinal cord compression and thereby offer you permanent relief from neck pain.
  • Non-invasive treatments – At our clinic for pain management in little rock, Arkansas, we use non-invasive treatments to help you overcome neck pains. These include physical therapy, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Short-term immobilization, regenerative medicine, and chiropractic care.

Enjoy better quality life with our highly effective treatment for pain management in little rock, Arkansas. Call us at (501) 333-6654 to schedule an appointment with our doctor at Clear Stone Medical Center today.

Pain Management In Little Rock Arkansas

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