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Pharmaceutical Clean Room Design

At Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc. (PETI) we understand the ever-growing and need to keep diseases in check. Over the years various technologies have paved the way to face numerous potent diseases that have posed a threat to humans, vaccinations and drugs are just some of such technologies all developed by professionals in the field of biotech. At PETI, we don’t create the cures for illnesses but rather facilitate the process of their creation.

How you might ask? by implementing our knowledge and technical skills in creating the perfect environment where the cures can not only be created but also be created to perfection. We create top of the line pharmaceutical cleanroom designs that aid much-needed treatments get to the market as fast as possible.

So what are the Bio-Pharmaceutical cleanroom design guidelines?

A bio-pharmaceutical clean room is required to pass certain standards before they get into operation. Some of them are;

  1. Airlocks - Airlocks or anteroom are rooms or spaces in between the cleanroom and other less clean rooms. These spaces can often serve as interlinking spaces and serve the purpose of maintaining pressurization differentials between spaces of different levels of cleanliness. These spaces also serve as spaces to remove packaging materials of equipment before they are introduced into the cleanroom.
  2. Windows - Windows are needed in cleanrooms to facilitate observation in most cases all dependent on the facility protocol. Windows are often categorized as some of the basic cleanroom design requirements and consideration due to them being present in nearly all cases. Windows for cleanrooms need to comprise of impact-resistant glasses, be fully glazed, and be installed in such a way that they minimize the ledges within the clean space.
  3. Siting - Cleanrooms should be carefully sited in order to guarantee efficient operations. In siting a cleanroom, it is essential to take into factors of movement of personnel in and out of the facility, movement of equipment and vibration noise exposure among others. The importance of these factors cannot be overstated, take for instance the cleanroom being close to a car park, meaning there would likely be constant vibrations in the air due to numerous automobile engines being present.

These vibrations could encourage particle release within the room and in severe situations may event result in leaks in filters and ductworks. A best practice to curb the issue of vibrations is the utilization of HVAC systems.

What is the importance of HVAC design for cleanroom facilities?

HVAC can be seen as the heart of the cleanroom and should not be overlooked given their role. The design HVAC systems for cleanrooms is actually quite the task due to the roles they take up of controlling air cleanliness, pressure, and temperature.

We at PETI understand this importance and offer this much-needed HVAC design for cleanroom facility service. If you are in need a simple design, we have also got you covered as we offer easy cleanroom designs that can be easily understood and developed.

Are you interested in setting up a cleanroom? please feel free to reach out to us for a quote. We would appreciate the opportunity to not only fill you in on the essential steps for setting up a pharma cleanroom, but also any other cleanroom services you require.


Pharmaceutical Clean Room Design
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