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Skilled Nursing Ames

We know you want to provide your loved ones with the best assistance possible, which is likely the reason why you are looking for skilled nursing in Ames. You can stop worrying now, you’ve found the ideal place in Iowa for the elderly. 

At Northridge Village, we comprehend the urge so many families feel when having to place a loved one in a retirement community, especially when the person has had an active life. Nonetheless, there’s no better choice for their well-being than to search for a senior living facility in Ames, IA. 

However, not all options in Ames Iowa of assisted living facilities offer the same benefits for residents, as some specialize in a type of treatment oriented towards those with particular needs.

In that regard, Northridge Village is known for having the greatest medical team available in Ames, making our home a prime candidate for anyone looking for quality treatment regardless of their circumstances. 

Let’s take a look at how does this team excels when providing top medical care while reviewing some of the features of our Independent Living program. After reading, you’ll have no doubts about which is the best one among all the assisted living facilities in Ames, IA.

Skilled nursing: prioritizing the health of our residents

It is evident how any kind of nursing home should focus on the quality of the medical treatment residents receive in their facilities. However, most of them rather prioritize other areas of assisted living, from dynamic activities to visiting schedules. 

At Northridge Village, we specialize in offering all of our families absolute confidence regarding the kind of care their loved ones are getting. With a team of licensed nurses, doctors, psychologists, and other health professionals, our main goal is to guarantee the most advanced medical treatments possible. 

This is what differentiates Northridge from other living communities in Ames, IA. By deploying skilled nursing throughout all of our assisted living programs, we work as hard as possible to keep all the residents as healthy as they could be. 

This service includes a wide variety of treatments from IV therapy, catheter care, and injections to physical and psychological therapy and vital signs permanent monitoring. All of these are often covered by Medicare or private health insurance and are always provided in proper coordination and communication with the residents’ original doctors.  

Independent Living: make yourself at home

When looking for assisted living facilities in Ames, Iowa, one of the things to always consider is how the studied home is designed to encourage a dynamic lifestyle among the residents. 

It is useless to secure the health of our elderly without offering them a chance to enjoy different kinds of activities that fuel their spirit and mind. That’s another regard where Northridge Village just excels. 

The independent living program is known for granting residents a pathway to an energy-fueled lifestyle that promotes positivity. Through our spa, library, fitness center, and much more, unforgettable experiences are a guarantee. 

By offering residents the privacy they desire, Northridge Village will make each of them feel at home. On top of that, they won’t have to worry about house-related work in any kind or form, as our staff will permanently take care of any trouble that arises in the apartments.

Many housing options are available and thought to appeal to every taste and need. To check them out, you just have to reach out to our team. We’ll be waiting to welcome your loved one to a new wonderful life chapter. 

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