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What to expect at our top Alcohol Treatment center

Alcoholism is a treatable disease, and many treatment approaches are available to those who have decided to get help. Regardless of how you conclude that you have a severe drinking problem, the first step to recovery is a genuine desire to get help. Then, the next step is to choose from one of the top alcohol treatment centers.

If you are seeking a luxury alcohol treatment center that offers a practical holistic approach that can heal your addiction, Johnny The Healer is the solution. We provide a unique system that no other top alcohol treatment centers have. 

Choosing a top Alcohol Treatment center

Johnny The Healer offers executive alcohol treatment programs that can help heal your alcohol addiction once and for all. We provide this one of a kind powerful alcohol healing system for those that don't want the use of prescription drugs to treat their alcohol dependency.

Johnny The Healer offers a holistic method that helps remove all the alcohol toxins from your body using ancient plant medicine, alternative medicine, and holistic medicine. One of the most effective alcohol rehab treatment invented by Johnny The Healer is called the Pouyan Method.

The Pouyan Method 

With the Pouyan Method, you will have access to an authentic and complete healing solution. With over 90 percent success rate for those recovering from alcohol, we have helped thousands of people achieve full healing and restoration with the Pouyan Method. The executive Pouyan Method is based on research and results, so you can expect an increased chance of reaching the same successful healing. 

This method is the most innovative in the industry, and you won't experience endless talk therapy, violent withdrawals, dawn till dusk group meetings, negative stigma, and prescriptions of medications will not be forced on you.

Evidence-Based Detox Treatment 

At the top alcohol treatment center, Johnny The Healer, we also offer detox methods that have been scientifically proven to be effective. When it comes to you or your loved one's alcohol abuse, we don't want to take chances or do guesswork. While every patient's experience can vary based on a couple of personal factors, our alcohol detox and comprehensive addiction treatment use the latest medical and industry knowledge as a foundation.

Boost Stem Cells

Studies on stem cells are ongoing. Boosting stem cells is one way to help the body recover from stress, injury, or any other condition where mind and body are harmed.

Feeling safe and secure helps you relax, and the daily program is created so that patients are at peace with their mind, body, and spirit. Even if it’s not that obvious, it's an excellent method to start healing and detoxification.

The Pouyan method will repair the body, boosting the stem cells. Patients undergo candida and parasite cleanse, cellular detoxification, de-calcification of the pineal gland, which sustain the healing activity of stem cells.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy

Fatigue and chronic conditions are also generated by a reduced level of oxygen in the body. People dealing with addiction and alcohol dependency often report feeling stressed, tired, and have terrible health conditions.

The pure oxygen they receive throughout the HBOT sessions will eliminate stress, inflammation, and tiredness almost immediately.

The therapy allows 100% pure oxygen to get into the body at high pressure, so it enters the tissues instantly. The method works together with other methods, to cause and sustain the creation of new neuro-paths. It's what helps people find new ways to deal with life difficulties, and not reach out for alcohol or addictive substances.

NAD Vitamin Drip Therapy

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that almost all cells in our bodies have. When we don’t have enough of it, the body will develop conditions related to the aging process.

Vitamin therapies are fantastic, and once NAD gets into the body, it will sustain the brain's repair process. It's known that alcohol damages the brain, and getting the brain to the pre-addiction state is fundamental at our center. As NAD enters your body, it alleviates inflammation, restoring brain cells. It helps people with alcohol addiction fight depression, anxiety, or chronic tiredness connected to alcohol dependency. 

Even if NAD IV drips aren't directly a cure for alcohol addiction, they're essential for reversing the pollutant's negative effect on the body. NAD vitamin drips can be defines as a new super therapy that improve people's health conditions overall.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy isn't new or innovative, but it's the use of it for healing addiction that it's of recent date. It has been known that massage therapy is a natural alternative method to painkillers or chronic pain medicine. People often turn to alcohol for numbing physical pain, and massage alleviates physical pain, especially when combined with acupuncture.

Capable of reducing the cortisol, aka the stress hormone in the bloodstream, massage will decrease the blood pressure, helping one become more relaxed. As patients feel more comfortable, they also allow positive emotions to occur.

Massage therapy becomes excellent support for patients looking for tranquility. People benefiting from massage therapy are more careful at their body signals, finding positive ways to deal with stress or anxiety. They become aware of their negative emotions and learn how to control them.

Let’s not forget that massage therapy is also sustaining detoxification, which is fundamental for healing. The blood circulation is better thanks to massage therapy, with muscles and organs receiving a higher amount of oxygen.


Yoga is also part of the alcohol treatment as it's fantastic for reducing depression and anxiety levels, which are shared amongst patients with alcohol addiction.

Yoga brings balance between the overactive and inactive regions of the brain, optimizing the brain's activity. It also reduces the level of cortisol, the vital stress hormone that is so commonly high for people with addiction.

Patients don’t just participate in yoga sessions, but also learn how to do it on their own. Once they leave the alcohol treatment center, they will be able to control their stress level. Yoga is more than physical exercise; it’s a meditative tool for relaxing the body, mind, and spirit.

Practicing yoga at a top alcohol treatment center for 12 weeks has impressive benefits, improving one's mental health and reducing depression and anxiety.

Sensory depriving floatation therapy

Studies revealed that regular floatation sustains one’s efforts to eliminate bad habits such as drinking, smoking, drug abuse, and gambling. It may link physiology and consciousness, strengthening the sense of awareness.

People with alcohol addiction also complain of poor health, with headaches as one of the symptoms. Sensory deprivation by floatation therapy will alleviate problems and similar pain generated by tension. Not only that, but deprivation/isolation therapy comforts patients with headaches, and the calming effects are durable.

It has also been revealed that spending time away from any external stimuli sustains self-awareness. Patients note amazing spiritual experiences and feelings of deep peace within after every session. The spiritual enlightenment and euphoria give people positive energy and mental strength to overcome their alcohol addiction.

Choosing Johnny The Healer for your Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

When you come to Johnny The Healer, you can be sure that our alcohol detox approach is grounded in science. When it comes to your health or someone's you love, trial and error should be avoided at all costs.

At Johnny The Healer, our services are tailored to meet your unique needs, and our team of highly trained professionals will closely monitor your progress at every point of the way. Our method will address not only your alcohol dependency but also the reasons (such as co-occurring mental health conditions and unresolved trauma) that caused you to develop alcohol addiction in the first place.

At the top alcohol treatment center, Johnny The Healer, you will also be able to safely recover in the most exclusive alcohol healing center in the world. Call us today to see why we are the best alcohol rehab for your recovery and discuss your options.

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