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Tulsa Stem Cell Therapy

An educated patient is a patient who can make the right decisions for themselves without fear of living with regrets. While there is no medicine or treatment that is a perfect cure-all for everybody, stem cell therapy has been researched for many years and is very promising. For Tulsa stem cell therapy, contact Gorospe Health, Tulsa's most trusted stem cell clinic.

What are Stem Cells?

As an individual, you will have unique health care needs throughout your life. Indeed, it is highly unlikely that anyone else in the world will have the exact same health care needs for the exact same reasons that you do at the exact same time. Because health care is a highly personalized need, medical researchers are constantly striving to find new ways to make health care more personalized. One of the ways that they are doing this is through the research and use of stem cells.

Stem cells are unlike any other cells in your body. For example, muscle cells contract, nerve cells send signals, skin cells protect your body, but stem cells have no specific functions. So what is the use of stem cells? Well, stem cells are the only kind of cells that can become any other kind of cell in your body! Therefore, stem cells can be used to create new

  • Bone cells
  • Nerve cells
  • Liver cells
  • Fat cells
  • Blood cells
  • Skin cells

You get the point. We can use stem cells to replace your old, worn-out cells after they die. An example of this would be the lining of your intestines. You can replace the lining of your intestines in less than a week. Stem cells replace these dying cells as they wear out. Similarly, stem cells can be used to replace cells that have been lost or damaged by diseases or injuries.

Modern Western medicine has made considerable strides, but still, many infirmities remain incurable. Because so many people are still getting ill and dying from diseases, many people are now looking to stem cell therapy. Even in Tulsa, the popularity of stem cell therapy is on the rise.

Are Stem Cells Ethical?

Although there is a lot of misleading information about stem cell therapy, embryonic stem cells are widely believed to contain the key to future medicine. For example, the application of stem cell therapy is very exciting in treating conditions such as Parkinson's, juvenile diabetes, and improving our ability to find better treatments and drugs for debilitating diseases.

Embryonic stem cell research is by far the single most highly regulated form of medical research. Indeed, there are strong federal laws that govern embryonic stem cell research. Still, embryonic stem cells are not the only kinds of stem cells used in this regenerative medicine. Tissue-specific stem cells can also be used, which are stem cells that your body creates naturally. Embryonic stem cells are from leftover embryos that are willing donated to fertility clinics.

If you are interested in Tulsa stem cell therapy, contact Gorospe Health today to learn more.

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