What Is an Orthopaedic Brace?

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When most people hear about “orthotics,” their mind probably jumps to shoe inserts that help support the feet. Orthotics is actually much broader than just shoe inserts. Orthotics is a medical specialty that designs, manufactures, and applies orthoses to individuals. An orthoses is any external device that seeks to modify the structure and function of the skeletal and neuromuscular system of the body. At Human Technology Prosthetics & Orthotics, we understand the wide array of orthotics in Memphis. An orthopaedic brace is one of the most commonly used orthoses.

What is an Orthopaedic Brace?

Orthopaedic braces come in a variety of designs, but the basic purpose is to support and help control a joint. They are most commonly seen on the ankle and knee, but there are braces for the hip, back, neck, elbow, wrist, and fingers. Orthopaedic braces are meant to control the position of the limb and facilitate or hinder specific motions. They also can compensate for weak muscles and correct structural deformities. Orthopaedic braces are commonly used for a wide range of diagnoses like cerebral palsy, spina bifida, scoliosis, spinal cord injury, or after a stroke. Braces are also commonly used after surgeries on joints to keep them immobile for a time or to control their motion as the joint recovers. Some people even use braces prophylactically, meaning that they wear a brace for extra support in an attempt to prevent injuries to the joints. This is most common in athletes, particularly those in contact sports like football and rugby.

Where Do You Get One?

There are many ways you can obtain orthotics in Memphis. Over-the-counter braces are available at drug stores and come in a variety of pre-made sizes. These are inexpensive and can work great for many purposes. Custom braces and more sophisticated designs are available through a doctor’s prescription to an orthotist. These braces tend to be more expensive, but will fit and function better than any over-the-counter variety. If you need a brace, talk to you doctor about how to obtain one.

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