Where to Find Below-Knee Amputation Prostheses in Memphis

Three prosthetic legs.You may be surprised that there are more than one million limb amputations performed each year around the world. That equals about 1 every 30 seconds. Amputations can be caused by a number of things from congenital issues to trauma to cancer. By far, most amputations occur as a result of a complication of the vascular system. Diabetes is a particularly nasty culprit that is responsible for the majority of amputations in the US, especially lower-limb amputations.

Losing any portion of a limb can be an emotional and challenging experience. One of the first questions that many people have when learning they will lose a limb is whether or not they can get a prosthetic. Not everyone that has an amputation is a candidate for a prosthetic. This is a conversation that should happen with your doctor to find out if a prosthetic would be appropriate for you. As part of our services, however, we do offer pre-amputation counseling and evaluation.

Below-Knee Prosthetics

If you’ve had a below the knee amputation, there is a wide array of options that we offer when it comes to prosthetics. We provide some of the newest and most technologically advanced prosthetics to help each patient have the most comfortable fit and optimal function. Below the knee amputations are a prosthetic that replaces a missing leg below the knee. With a below-the-knee prosthesis, movement is often regained more completely than an above-knee amputation would because the knee is spared.

Depending on your below-knee prosthesis needs, we have a selection for you. We offer many different types of foot/ankle components. For example, you can have adjustable heel height, waterproof joints, and more. We also have customized prosthetics for different sports like swimming, running, skiing, and more. We even offer prosthetics with feet made to mimic a real foot with skin rather than an obvious metal prosthetic.

If you’re looking for a below-the-knee prosthesis in Memphis, contact us to learn more about our wide selection to meet your needs. Let us help you regain your mobility and live the best life possible.