Why You Should Consider: Spinal Orthoses

If you have scoliosis, your spine has begun to curve out to the side. This condition can cause various other health problems such as back pain or even shortness of breath in extreme cases. If left unchecked, scoliosis tends to worsen over time, so the sooner you address it, the better. You can find several types of treatment options, from chiropractic care to surgery to orthotics in Memphis. A spinal orthosis is a back brace that holds your spine in place, generally used by children until their skeletons have stopped growing, though occasionally adults use these braces as well. Here are some of the main reasons to consider ortheses.

Ortheses Have Improved

While ortheses of the past were made of heavy plaster and were very uncomfortable to wear, you no longer need to worry because technology has improved over the years. Now that braces are generally made of plastic, they are relatively light. There are two types of braces – soft and rigid. Soft braces are more elastic and allow you to move a little more freely while rigid braces provide more support but are more restrictive.

You Can Remain Active

Thanks to the new lightweight braces, you can still enjoy your usual activities during your day-to-day life while wearing one. Not only is it possible to continue to move around with a spinal orthosis, it is actually better if you do so. If you are physically active every day, it helps you to maintain a strong body, and it contributes to your overall health as well. You can still play many kinds of sports. There are a few where you need to keep your balance or you need a lot of breath, like gymnastics or dancing where you might need to take off the brace for a little while, but your doctor can help you come up with a plan for these times.

It’s Not a Surgical Procedure

As a general rule of thumb for medical procedures, it’s best to avoid surgery whenever possible. Every surgery comes with its own risks, such as infections, complications with the anesthesia, and possible blood clotting. Scoliosis surgery has its own specific set of possible complications due to the sensitivity of the spinal area. In this surgery, your spine is anchored in place with hooks and rods, and then bones are fused to your existing bones to strengthen the frame of your spinal column.

Besides this, there is often a long, painful recovery time involved in surgeries, and you will be laid up for quite some time. After scoliosis surgery, children usually need to take narcotics for a couple weeks while adults need them for several weeks or even months. After surgery, you will probably need a drain in your back or side for a few days to prevent fluid accumulation around lungs, and you may also need a urinary catheter. You most likely will not be able walk by yourself for the first two days, and during that time, you will also be unable to eat. If you instead choose to get orthotics in Memphis, you will be spared all of these difficult and dangerous circumstances.