Why You Should Get Orthotics for Hallux Rigidus

If you have hallux rigidus, then you may have been told that surgery is the only solution to this difficult and often painful problem. However, there are other types of treatment available! We would like to inform you that you may be able to find relief from the use of orthotic devices, or medically-prescribed devices for correcting and soothing painful or irregular standing or movement.

Hallux rigidus is a joint disorder that takes place where the big toe meets the rest of the foot. The joint can be painful and stiff, making it difficult for you to use your big toe. This problem is usually related to arthritis.

Living with this disorder can be painful and limiting, as your big toe is used for balance, walking, standing, and stretching. When these movements become painful or difficult, you may feel that you cannot move or that you will need a walker or cane to stay balanced and moving.

If you feel that you or a loved one has problems with these activities and if you notice a decreased ability to move the big toe as well as stiffness in the joint, then you or your loved one should see a doctor. Hallux rigidus needs treatment as soon as possible so that those who are afflicted with this disorder can continue living their lives peacefully and painlessly.

Surgery is not the only option for treating this disorder. Many foot doctors will jump to expensive surgeries with a long recovery time as the best solution, but there is another way to treat hallux rigidus. Orthotics can improve the function of the foot and offer foot balance, support, decreased joint pressure, and improved foot function, all with the use of a single device that can be fitted to a person’s foot. Unlike walkers and other movement aids, these orthotic devices can be small enough to fit into a shoe, meaning that those with hallux rigidus can feel completely at ease with themselves. They may even forget they have a problem at all. We strongly recommend that you ask a doctor for an orthotic product as a treatment for hallux rigidus.