Adult Upper Limb Orthoses

Static Orthotic Solutions

Upper-limb (extremity) orthoses are devices applied externally to restore or improve functional and structural characteristics of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. In general, musculoskeletal problems include those resulting from trauma, sports, and work-related injuries.

Static Orthoses

As the term implies, these devices do not allow motion. They provide rigid support for fractures, inflammatory conditions of tendons and soft tissue, and nerve injuries.

Static Elbow Brace

Static Wrist Brace

Dynamic/functional Orthoses 

In contrast to static orthoses these devices permit motion, on which their effectiveness depends. These types of upper-extremity orthoses are used primarily to assist movement of weak muscles. Some dynamic splints have a dual or bilateral mechanism for providing tension, safely accommodating moments of spasm and thus limiting (or avoiding) soft-tissue injuries.

Dynamic Elbow Orthosis

Dynamic Hand Orthosis