What Is an Orthotic Device?

You may have heard the term “orthotics” or “custom foot orthotics” on television or from a physician. While most medical terminology is meant to be shared only among medical professionals like doctors and nurses, used to communicate with each other clearly and effectively, there are many reasons why we believe that you should know what orthotic devices are.

First of all, you may have a loved one that is in need of these devices. Second, you may actually need them for yourself! Third, when you are offered surgery or orthotic devices as possible treatments for a condition, then you will need to understand what the orthotic option refers to exactly.

Simply put, orthotic devices are mechanisms used in the field of orthotics, a branch of medical knowledge and treatment related to the straightening or correcting of problems in a human’s muscles or skeletal system.

These problems can include everything from bunions to cerebral palsy. Many conditions that affect how a person walks, stands, positions their spine, or otherwise naturally moves can be aided by an orthotic device.

What are some of these devices? You have likely heard of foot inserts as an example of an orthotic device, as they help a person to stand and walk without significant discomfort, but there are other, larger orthotic devices as well.

For example, ankle braces that allow a person to stand straight are orthotics. Also, wrist braces, arm braces, spinal orthotics, and heel casts are orthotic devices. They all work to help those who have pain or difficulty with basic movements to be able to perform these activities again.

You may be in need of these or any other orthotic products yourself, or a loved one may be in need of these important aids. People with severe conditions as well as those who simply have discomfort from spending several hours a day on their feet can benefit from these products. Many of them are built so that they can be hidden under clothing or in shoes so that you can look and feel completely comfortable. We’ve found that many people can feel muscle and bone improvements from the use of orthotics.