Advanced C-Leg 4 Nashville

At Human Technology, we sell a whole array of the lower extremity and upper extremity prosthesis. We specialize in custom-designing the best quality advanced C-Leg 4 in Nashville, based on the unique vocation, medical needs, lifestyle, and preferences of the customer.

How does a prosthetic leg work?

It is important to use an artificial limb based on the level of your amputation, vocation, physical ability, activity level, and personal preferences. We custom-create all our limbs in-house after a thorough evaluation of each patient. A prosthetic limb, in general, contains conventional components that form the leg and foot. A socket connects the device to your residual limb.

An additional layer called a liner covers the stump on your residual limb and acts as a barrier between your leg and the socket. It acts as a cushion and offers comfort and ensures that your stump fits better into the socket. It is crucial to find a perfect fitting socket to avoid pain, blisters, and other skin issues. The most common kind of sockets includes suction, vacuum, and pin lock.

Furthermore, there are cosmetic covers that go over the mechanical parts to make the prosthetic device look and feel like a natural limb. With the latest advancements in prosthetics, an artificial limb can significantly improve the quality of life in amputees. We are among the few manufacturers of custom-made advanced C-Leg 4 in Nashville.

Tips to prepare for a prosthetic leg

After a below-knee or above-knee amputation, wait until the surgical wound heals. Your residual limb may swell at first, and you must use a compression stocking to minimize the inflammation and to shape your residual limb for the stump to snugly fit into the socket. Make sure to wear the compression stocking or the shrinker sock all through the day except when you take a shower.

Meet your prosthetist for regular check-ups, so that he can monitor the changes in the swelling of your limb. Once the limb heals completely, your prosthetist will begin the fitting process and provide you with a device that fits you perfectly.

Tips for caring for your residual limb

It is a necessity to take proper care of your residual limb when wearing prosthetic limbs to prevent skin irritations, bruises, infection, and pain. Make sure to wash your residual limb every day with warm water and antibacterial soap. Use a washcloth to gently scrub on the surface of the stump on your residual limb. Constantly check the skin on the bottom of your limb for any infection or bruises.

After the shower, be sure to pat the skin on the stump dry using a clean cotton towel. Trapped up moisture between the skin and the shrinker or the socket can lead to infections. Change your shrinker sock every day and wash it using a mild detergent.

Speak to one of us at the Human Technology today to purchase an advanced C-Leg 4 Nashville. Our team of dedicated staff is experts at designing unsurpassable prosthetic devices and orthotic accessories.

Advanced C-Leg 4 Nashville

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