Patients That Benefit From An Orthopaedic Brace

Prosthetic Leg Below the Knee

There are lots of different types of orthotics in Memphis available to people who need them. So what type of patient needs them? Here are the 6 body parts that can benefit from a brace and the types of patients we see that can benefit from them:


There are lots of different types of foot orthotics available depending on the injury or problem that one is trying to correct. Some people may want to correct their lack of an arch while others may suffer from tendinitis in their feet. Some of the other issues involving feet include drop foot, deformities, edema, or spasticity.


Ankle injuries that benefit from orthotics include sprains and strains. They also help with post-cast rehabilitation and ankle stability. Weak ankles can also benefit from braces.


The knee is the most common type of problem that we see. People use braces in conjunction with post-injury therapy. They can also be helpful for active individuals who want to protect this joint from injuries.


Bending over to tie your shoes can result in a back injury if you’re not careful. These types of injuries can require a brace to help the body heal. Other back injuries that require a brace include chronic pain, strains, and posture issues such as scoliosis. Braces can also be helpful for people who need lumbar support or suffer from back pain due to pregnancy.


Wrist and forearm injuries are becoming more and more common as people suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome from writing or typing too much. Braces can also be helpful for people who have injured wrists, tendinitis, sprains, or stains. They’re also helpful to use after removing a cast from the wrist or forearm.


Some of the elbow injuries that we see include capsulator shifts, soft tissue strains and sprains, rotator cuff issues, ligament issues, tendon problems, or fractures. People who have experienced shoulder injuries, elbow surgery, or cast removals can also benefit.

No matter where the problem lies, orthotics in Memphis can be helpful to stabilize that part of your body while it heals and grows stronger. It can also protect your joints from further damage. Contact us to find out more about whether or not you’d be the perfect patient for an orthopaedic brace.

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