3 Benefits Of Cosmetic Prosthesis

Artificial Arms and Legs

In a lifetime, we try our hardest to stay healthy, exercise, and be safe. Sometimes there are things that happen to us that are completely out of our control. There are many individuals who find themselves living a normal everyday life and then a tragedy happens to them. It’s common that these accidents result in a lost limb of some sort. Due to modern technology, there are options for people to be able to continue on and live a normal everyday life. Of course, there will be occasions that will be a struggle, but over time it will get better and become easier to adapt. Because of these technological advances, there are a great number of benefits to prosthetics in Memphis, TN.


In addition to accidents, there are many people that suffer from diseases that can lead to amputation. Sometimes, these diseases are hard to fight off and don’t allow a lot of time for the patient to take care of the issue before it is too late. A disease called peripheral arterial disease is one of the most common diseases leading to the amputation process. This is when there is poor circulation because of damage or narrowing of the arteries. When there isn’t adequate blood flow, the body’s cells don’t have the ability to get oxygen and the nutrients that they need from the bloodstream. The tissue begins to die and results in an infection.


Many newly amputees are concerned about how this whole process works. This can be such a big change and create a lot of scared feelings. In the beginning, it is important to set up a consultation just like any other sort of procedure or treatment. An evaluation will help determine which type of design and fit will best suit you. Depending on the area of the limb involved, this will determine which direction the doctor will go for your specific case. This consultation will also be the chance for you to decide the type of movement you can expect after you have received your limb replacement. Some individuals were extremely active before their accident and would prefer to continue in that direction. If that is the case, then the doctor would need to discuss with you the sport options that are available. These will more movement and function while catering to the sport you play.


If you need a replacement in the upper body area, specifically the arm, then the mechanics can become a little trickier to allow you the everyday function that you once had. Some people prefer a robotic limb to help gain control of the prosthetic. With newer advancements, the arm will allow movement to be programmed for a more customized feel. The grip programming is much stronger to allow more access even with a glove covering the hand area. Targeted muscle reinnervation is a method where the motor nerves that controlled the muscles before will help to continue that muscle contraction even if it contracts in a different area. It’s important to make sure those muscles are still contracting and working with the signals the brain is sending. The great thing is that these individuals who have suffered a traumatic experience can have hope and light while gaining prosthetics in Memphis, TN.