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COVID – 19 (Coronavirus) Update/Important Information We are focused on the safety and well-being of [...]

Advanced C-Leg 4 Memphis

Human Technology is a leading manufacturer and seller of prosthetic limbs and orthotics using advanced [...]

Above knee prosthetic Nashville

Have you recently had an above the knee amputation? Or are you scheduled for surgery, [...]

Toenail Clippers – Dangerous Weapon for Diabetics  

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“Lost Leg, Found Soul”

At age 15, free style bike rider Kalvin Wilmoth was performing tricks with a group [...]

Murphy’s Orthopedic and Foot Care part of Human Technology, Inc. Prothetics and Orthotics, Expands Services

The late Charlie Murphy was the founder of Murphy’s Orthopedics and Foot Care. Many years [...]

Living with Gait Deficits?

Clinical Trial Fitting and Education offered at NO Charge June 27 in Corinth, MS Human [...]

Why You Should Consider: Spinal Orthoses

If you have scoliosis, your spine has begun to curve out to the side. This [...]

Three Benefits to Osseointegration

With the use of prosthetics, those who lost a limb due to trauma, disease, or [...]

5 Steps to Take before Getting a Prosthetic Limb

Doctors use amputation as a last resort to remove unhealthy tissue that may affect the [...]

4 Types Of Upper-Limb Orthoses

When one of our patient’s upper limbs needs a little extra help, they can rely on orthotics in Memphis [...]

What Is a Transradial Prosthesis?

Close to 2 million Americans are living with some type of amputation. Although it is [...]

What Is a Transtibial Prosthesis?

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What Is A Trans-Femoral Prosthesis?

Before Oscar Pistorius became the focal point of a murder mystery, the double amputee was [...]

Enhanced Upper Extremity Prosthetic Options and How They Help

According to, a prosthetic is a device, either external or implanted, that substitutes for [...]

How Do Robotic Prostheses Work?

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3 Benefits Of Cosmetic Prosthesis

In a lifetime, we try our hardest to stay healthy, exercise, and be safe. Sometimes [...]

Patients That Benefit From An Orthopaedic Brace

There are lots of different types of orthotics in Memphis available to people who need [...]