4 Types Of Upper-Limb Orthoses

Prosthetic Hand

When one of our patient’s upper limbs needs a little extra help, they can rely on orthotics in Memphis to offer the support needed. These can stabilize their limbs or provide the needed support until the limbs are strong enough to move on their own. Depending on the needs of patients, there are different types that we will create for them. Here are 4 types that can be made for their upper limbs.

Shoulder Abduction Orthoses

Some of the reasons that we may make shoulder abduction orthoses for one of our patients include injuries to one’s rotator cuff, shoulder capsule, clavicle, or soft tissue. It can also be helpful for glenohumeral dislocation or subluxation. The shoulder abduction orthosis is often paired with an abduction sling, clavicle strap, or elastic shoulder immobilizer.

Shoulder Stabilizer

The shoulder stabilizer is similar to the shoulder abduction orthosis, but it can help to keep your shoulder in one place while your shoulder heals or prepares for surgery. It can be used for the same issues as a shoulder abduction orthosis, as well as mild sprains, strains, or fractures. The shoulder stabilizer can also be paired with an arm sling or elastic immobilizer.

Fracture Brace

A fracture brace is used for patients recovering from fractures. A fracture occurs when one breaks or cracks their bones. It requires resetting the bones, and may also require a cast to help the bones heal before the brace is used. We make fracture braces for patients with a mid-ulnar or radical fracture. A fracture brace can also be beneficial for wrist or hand fractures, distal humeral fractures, proximal radial injuries, or ulnar fractures.

Wrist-Hand Orthoses

For issues with the wrist or hand, a wrist-hand orthosis can be beneficial. Some of the reasons that we may make these for our patients include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or a sprain or strain. It can also be helpful after a person fractures their hands. Depending on the nature and extent of the injuries, patients may need to wear it while resting or participating in activities that could harm the wrist or hand.

Whatever the issue may be involving one of our patients’ upper-limbs, we can make orthotics in Memphis that can help support their limbs. Orthoses are often the key to providing support to limbs that are recovering from injuries, struggling with a disorder, or preparing or recuperating from surgery. We can make personalized orthotics that fit the needs of each patient so they can get the help that they need no matter what reason they can benefit from the orthotics.